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Worldtalk, UPS to Provide Airtight Protection for Electronic Information

September 16, 1999
Companies Integrating Industry-leading Products to Provide One-Stop Security for Sensitive Information on the Internet

SANTA CLARA, Calif., and ATLANTA,Ga. , Sept. 21, 1999 -- Worldtalk Corporation and UPS today announced a business partnership to combine industry leading security solutions – UPS Document Exchange and Worldtalk's WorldSecure -- to protect a business' most important asset: information.

Worldtalk's award-winning WorldSecure products, based on the WorldSecure policy management platform, enable organizations to define and enforce content security policies for Web and e-mail. Worldtalk's products provide organizations with the ability to reduce corporate liability, secure intellectual property, guarantee confidentiality of communications with trading partners and protect network resources. WorldSecure/Mail ensures the confidentiality and privacy of Internet communication, protects information assets, and blocks viruses and SPAMs.

Add UPS Document Exchange, and you've got the electronic means to protect sensitive information in transit between one organization's server and another's. Protected by 128-bit encryption on the server and optional password protection, Document Exchange offers secure, trackable electronic delivery of anything that can be contained in a digital file, including documents, images and software, along with definitive proof of delivery.

Combined, the two products will allow an organization to establish criteria by which specific types of sensitive documents or information can leave its network only via UPS Document Exchange – and are automatically converted into a secure Document Exchange package before sending. Meanwhile other, less sensitive information can still be sent by conventional e-mail. The next WorldSecure product release will include an interface with UPS Document Exchange. Both companies will sell the combined solution.

Solutions that protect the security of sensitive documents become even more important as businesses communicate more frequently over the Internet. By the year 2001, 35 percent of business documents – 21 million per day – will move via the Internet, according to the Aberdeen Group.

"With the combination of WorldSecure and UPS Document Exchange, organizations can ensure their sensitive documents won't be floating around unprotected in the wildly unsecure world of e-mail," said Kim Marchner, Group Manager for UPS Document Exchange Marketing. "An organization has the power to define which types of documents – like prospectuses or confidential reports from its legal department – will be required to carry the protection of Document Exchange when leaving the server."

An important feature of UPS Document Exchange is its ease of use by both sender and receiver. Unlike unwieldy encryption programs that require the sender and recipient to have the same type of encryption software, Document Exchange requires only that the sender have a standard e-mail package, and the receiver have a standard Web browser.

"Organizations want to leverage the economy, efficiency and ubiquity of Internet e-mail," said Eric Colard, Vice President of Business Development, Worldtalk. "Solutions like WorldSecure/Mail and UPS Document Exchange allow them to simply and efficiently define and enforce policies that ensure the safe use of their e-mail systems. Our agreement with UPS is an opportunity for Worldtalk to effectively seed the market with WorldSecure and generate leads that can translate into revenue."

UPS launched the UPS Document Exchange service in June 1998, a secure Internet communications service for business-to-business commerce based on Tumbleweed Communication Corp.'s Integrated Messaging Exchange (IME) technology. Tumbleweed Integrated Messaging Exchange (IME) is a set of products and services that leverage the Internet and existing e-mail to create a secure, trackable online communications channel.

About Worldtalk

Worldtalk Corporation is a leading provider of policy enforcement solutions for e-mail and Web communications. The company's WorldSecure policy management platform complements existing firewalls by enabling organizations to enforce usage policies for all Internet e-mail and Web communications. Worldtalk delivered the industry's first integrated solution for managing and enforcing e-mail security policies in September 1997. Since then, organizations have purchased WorldSecure solutions to ensure confidentiality of their external e-mail communications, protect their intellectual property, prevent SPAMs and viruses, and reduce the legal liabilities associated with Internet communications. Worldtalk products include WorldSecure/Web and the award-winning WorldSecure/Mail (previously known as WorldSecure Server), which are marketed and sold worldwide by Worldtalk, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and distributors. For more information, please visit us at

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United Parcel Service, the world's largest express carrier and package delivery company, is a leading commerce facilitator, offering an unmatched array of traditional and electronic commerce services. By offering fully integrated, web-enabled business-to-business solutions and working with other e-commerce leaders, UPS is changing the way people do business. The company has won numerous awards for its web site and information technology infrastructure, including two Computerworld Smithsonian Awards. The Atlanta-based company operates in more than 200 countries and employs more than 330,000 people worldwide. UPS reported 1998 annual revenues of $24.8 billion. You can visit the UPS web site at