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UPS Named Number One Network Innovator in PC Week's Fast Track 100

September 14, 1999
Mahwah, NJ, September 14, 1999 -- UPS has been named the Number One "enterprise networking innovator" on PC Week's latest Fast Track 100 ranking. The list and a profile of the UPS Global Telecommunications Network are featured in the magazine's September 13 issue.

"The focus of the Fast Track 100 is on innovation and how technologies are used, rather than raw dollars spent," said Stan Gibson, PC Week Executive Editor for strategies. "It was absolutely necessary for UPS to build a network to help it keep pace and stay competitive, which UPS has clearly done."

UPS was one of 260,000 companies in North America that Ziff-Davis Marketing Intelligence, a sister company to PC Week, considered for its deployment of leading-edge networking technologies that enhance a company's infrastructure, business, and industry.

According to Gibson and PC Week Executive Managing Editor Jeff Moad, key indicators of UPS leadership included:

  • UPS' real-time tracking network, featuring a handheld computer (DIAD III) that transmits delivery data and an extensive wireless network fueled by a nationwide alliance of carriers,
  • High-speed networking to large storage devices,
  • A major international upgrade from X.25 private leased lines to public frame relay,
  • UPS' own carrier subsidiary (UPS Telecommunications Inc.), and
  • Significant use of local and wide area networks, gigabit Ethernet, SONET, and ATM technologies.

"The UPS global network is only 10 years old, but it has sustained tremendous growth and evolution since that time to provide ready capacity for new services that can quickly respond to changing business needs," Douglas Fields, Vice President of UPS Telecommunications and Customer Development Applications said. "We are pleased to be recognized for our efforts to provide fast, seamless service to the world."

The UPS Global Telecommunications Network, which won a 1997 Computerworld Smithsonian award, uses a combination of telecommunications technologies to provide continuous, immediate access to a broad range of information services, including real-time package tracking and customs clearance. It provides

  • Voice, data, and imaging communications for nearly 1 million customers, business partners and UPS employees,
  • Collects information on 12 million packages daily,
  • Connects nearly 2,000 operating facilities, and
  • Supports more than 300 UPS systems, including fast-acting Internet services, through which 1 million tracking requests are processed daily.

PC Week publishes eight Fast Track 100 lists yearly, ranking end-user companies based on their use of a specific technology, or focusing on technology use within a particular industry. UPS also appeared on the Fast Track 100 list of data warehousing innovators earlier this year.

United Parcel Service is the world's largest express carrier and package delivery company, offering an unmatched array of service options to more than 200 countries and territories. Based in Atlanta, UPS employs more than 330,000 people worldwide, delivers more than 3 billion packages and documents yearly, and earned revenues of $24.8 billion in 1998. UPS has invested more than $10 billion in its extensive technology infrastructure, maintains one of the world's largest databases, and has won two Computerworld Smithsonian awards for technology leadership and innovation.